• Barbara Cottavoz

Release the concern for looking good- « Be yourself, everybody else is taken » Oscar Wild

This week the theme at Lumi Power yoga is Release the concern for looking good; and I have to say this one does resonate with me a lot- which is why it took me a while to process it and it is not that easy to share personally about it.

I have for a long time believed and acted towards the idea that things should look great, perfect, happy, wealthy and without any problems- I would not show problems at all and even push them down in case they would disappear … which they don’t but instead stick and get bigger.

One of the main things yoga have taught me is that when I am myself, when I do not hide anything and accept everything that has happened and is happening to me:

I create Freedom

The way the theme resonates with me this week is first of all related to my physical body and appearance. Looking pretty, happy, smiling and joyful is how I like to be. However, there are times where one or the other does not appear in my face/body and instead of accepting it, I do try to fake it. Of course, faking it does not work- the expression might look like it but it does not link with the energy I share and creates imbalances, frustrations and anger. This is why the beginning of my week was a lot towards taking every day, minute, second as something that changes, evolves and moves.

Over the past few weeks, my emotions have been like a roller coaster. From tears to laughter, being lost to having a strong purpose and most of all being in a transformational phase where I no longer know who I was, who I am and who I will become. The perceptions of my physical body, the way I behave and the way I feel is evolving and the more I let go of judgement, looking good and pre-conceptions of who I should be, the more things (acts, thoughts, feelings) come up. It is scary and confusing but I decide to accept it, to challenge my « set in stone » ways of being and to get closer to what all of this is telling me.

Many things are not answered and releasing the concern for looking good is opening up enquiries for me: Enquiries about my relationships and connexions; the way I judge even though I would like to think I do not; the way I love myself and others.

I am choosing to be myself

I am choosing to take risks

I am choosing to make changes in my life

I am choosing to make mistakes, fall, get hurt and feel pain

I am choosing to rise every time I fall

I am choosing to forgive

and I am choosing to Love.