• Barbara Cottavoz

What you say is so...

« I do not write; I am not good at writing » This was the sentence I use to tell myself for years until I wrote my first article last June 2016. I forgot about the breakthrough I had when I did and I forgot how I enjoyed writing- doing something new, different, exciting. When I remembered today I thought I had to give it another go. And here it is …

Lumi* started to incorporate weekly teams for teachers, yogis and the community in order to have a focus and an idea to work on/dig into/grow from and this week theme was: What you say is so.

The most recent example for me is that for years and years I though I could never surf.

I thought I had to take a 2 weeks long course in order to step onto the board. And yet, no later than last week I found myself surfing after 30 min of the class (the 25 first minutes being the training on the sand ;) ). How interesting it can be to believe something about ourselves which is actually a perception, an idea but not at all the reality.

We choose the thoughts we have; from the thoughts we have, we speak and say words; by the time we know it we are the words we speak… However, we are not our thoughts! We can decide not to think what we “by default think”. Just bringing the awareness to the patterns we have in our thoughts can make a huge difference!

I used to tell myself I cannot write, I cannot surf, I cannot speak in public, I am shy and I am better at listening to people, I do not have confidence in myself, I am too young to do what I want- and yet so many shifts (and a lot of yoga practice ;) ) empowered me to change all of them and to prove to myself that I am not that. I gave it a try, I took the risk to try something new, baby steps by baby steps … and got to where I am today: Teaching yoga on a daily basis, coordinating a beautiful foundation, travelling on my own to the other side of the world; and all of this with fierce, love and a big smile.

We are all capable of beautiful things, however we have to choose to go for them in order to succeed … and we then will!

Now time to have a look at other patterns I have, and make shifts … step by step, all for a bigger purpose than myself. And I will make sure to write more often … I do enjoy it a lot!

With love,



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