"Let's tune in and allow more love and compassion to radiate out to the world" 
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"Barbara is a great teacher with clear instructions to ensure I felt safe and supported throughout my classes. We practiced a dynamic and flowing style of yoga and she offered modifications as well as great hands-on adjustments. Thank you Barbara x"


Barbara is a person with a strong and loving heart and a very welcoming yoga teacher/trainer. Her personality is very hospitable and she gives out her best to everything she embarks on.
I was one students who took part in a teacher training retreat in November 2018 in my country Ghana from Barbara and it has been a life changing experience for me.

Barbara was so open, welcoming and humble with us. I got the real importance of being a yogi after my training with her and I've loved teaching and practicing since then, it has become a part of my life and people around me now as a dancer.



Coming from a Contemporary Dance background, I started healing movement 15 years ago and yoga 9 years ago

Trained by Baron Baptist and it's methodology as well as Anodea Judith, I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to serve around the world

Lumi Power Yoga London is my yoga home where I taught more than 600 classes over 3 years

I am based and teach in Australia (Byron Bay area) and recently launched GloBe Yoga, an association sharing yoga in Ghana, Thailand and soon Madagascar

Yang/ Yin Monday 9.30am- 10.45am - Upper Wilson's creek
Limited spots - get in touch to book your spot! 
Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Friday 12.00pm-1.00pm - Starts on the 24/01/20
@The Yellow Church yoga in Mullumbimby
Get in touch for privates and online classes

Chakra Vinyasa
to ALL

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

200H TTC, 2016

300H TTC, 2018 

@Lumi Power Yoga​ 

Kids yoga @Baptiste Institute, 2016

YIN yoga 30h, 2018

Mindfulness 30h, 2018

Chakra Yoga with Anodea Judith, 2019

Vipassana Meditation, 

2 sittings, 1 serving (Mexico and Nepal) - 2017 and 2019

Self enquiry
Love and relationship coach @the tantric institute of Integrated sexuality, 2020-2021

Self enquiry 

Satsang with Mooji 2019

Ayurveda Therapist 200h @Ayuskama clinic, India -
Ayurvedic Yoga Massage 30h, 2017 Level 1 and 2 @AYM institute

Landmark Forum and Advance 30h, 2017

Globe Yoga
Shifting Consciouness without borders

Globe Yoga president - Charity allowing yoga and alternative therapies to spread

Partnership with Move the World Bringing yoga classes and teacher trainings to the Medie community in Ghana - 2018

Creation and running of the Lumi Foundation - Bringing yoga to people in need in London - from 2016 to 2018​


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